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Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop
Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor - The Signed Book Shop

Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor

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Embrace of Shadows

Salma knows only her own name. She doesn’t even remember why she’s ill. Then a fae lord who claims he knows her snatches her back to his manor, and she learns that some things are more sinister than death. Like the Court of Dusk where everyone seems to know more about her than she does and nightfall is a deadly affair.

Adom’s book of truth tells him that the woman he doesn’t recognize is a vital member of his household. But the Manor keeps its secrets well, even from its own master. And even the Shadows seem to want the beautiful, mortal nuisance he has pledged to protect.

As the threat of an invasion from night itself continues to mount, Adom knows there will be consequences if he can’t protect her. And Salma wonders if she can trust him to protect her from himself. Because sometimes Adom isn't the begrudging, aloof fae he appears to be. Sometimes he's someone— or perhaps something— else.

Bond of Destruction

Salma is haunted by the truth of who she is and why she was brought to the Manor. She must break the tainted bond she shares with its Master without him learning the truth, or die. Their kiss can mean nothing to her if she is to survive. Especially when the Shade bite she received is even now tainting her blood, twisting her soul, and turning her into a creature of the night.

Adom’s memory is becoming more and more unreliable, and the voice in his head is becoming harder and harder to resist. His Book of Truth tells him that he must, though, for a sacrifice is required on the full moon, and Salma is key. No matter how much the voice whispers its intent to kiss Salma, kill her, and take control of Adom completely.

Their only hope lies in the stories woven by the man in the tower. But can Salma truly trust the faceless being whom she cannot help but visit every night, lured by his dark song? After all, it is never wise to bargain with the fae. Especially in a realm where every kiss is a betrayal and a fate-bond can drag all the worlds to the Duat.

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Cursed Fae of Orphydice Manor

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Tropes You'll Love

slow burn romance
forced proximity
forbidden love
beauty and the beast vibes
gothic manor
broody fae lord
sacrificial bride
snatched by the fae
tainted fate-bond

Content Rating

3. Romance with moderate romantic content (heavier kissing)

Read A Preview

I can delay no longer and must resign myself to my fate. Taking his hand, I ignore the strange magic that emanates from him into my khet as he leads me to the open part of the dining hall. The . . . dance floor.

In the center, Lord Adom turns to face me. Then his other hand wraps around my waist.

I go rigid under his touch.

“I will not hurt you,” he says, a dark glint in his eyes belying his words.

Chewing my lip, I stare at my limp hand. “I said I do not trust you.”

“Maybe so, but I still cannot lie.” His hand leaves my waist long enough to find my fingers and guide them to his shoulder.

“And you said dancing with a fae is dangerous.”

Lord Adom’s hand returns to my lower back, heating me through my bodice, corset, and shift alike. Then he uses his touch to pull me closer to myself. “I did.”

Trying not to stumble against him, I focus on centering myself. A hard feat when I only feel like orbiting him.

“The trick to dancing with a fae and leaving with your soul intact is this.” He begins to sway to music I cannot hear, and I clumsily attempt to keep up, resulting in my over-keeping up.
“Don’t get lost in the spell of the music, the dance, or your partner.”

“Then I shouldn’t dance with him to begin with. I should be . . . singing. Am I not your minstrel?”

“And you shall be, more often than not. But you still need to be prepared. Look into my eyes.”

I lift my chin to obey, and my gaze connects with his like the compass needle finds the north. The longer I stare, the more drawn in I feel, as though if I could just lean in a little closer, the stormy sea of his eyes could sweep me away to a world more beautiful than this one . . .

Thunder booms, and I start before realizing I was hearing only a clearing of a throat.

Blinking rapidly, my vision clears, and I find myself looking at a frown.

“You fell under the enchantment faster than even I was anticipating.” Adom clenches his jaw and looks at me like I am Pandora’s box itself, nothing but trouble.


Jes Drew

Jes Drew is the author of more than forty books including Embrace of Shadows, Bond of Destruction, and Betrayal & Banditry. She is still debating if having a fae husband is worth the hassle.

You can contact her at Sign up to her newsletter to get a free short story.