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Married by Starfall (Exclusive Edition)Married by Starfall (Exclusive Edition)
Married by FateMarried by Fate
Married by Fate
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Married by TreacheryMarried by Treachery
Married by Treachery
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Beyond the Filigree Wall (Exclusive Edition)Beyond the Filigree Wall (Exclusive Edition)
Beyond the Filigree Wall (Exclusive Edition)
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Prince of SeductionPrince of Seduction
Prince of Seduction
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A Cursed Kiss (Myths of Airren Book 1)A Cursed Kiss (Myths of Airren Book 1)
A Cursed Heart (Myths of Airren Book 2)A Cursed Heart (Myths of Airren Book 2)
Underworld DuologyUnderworld Duology
Underworld Duology
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Kingdoms of Lore (Books 1-3)Kingdoms of Lore (Books 1-3)
Kingdoms of Lore (Books 1-3)
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The Haidren Legacy (Books 1-2)The Haidren Legacy (Books 1-2)
House of Darakai  (The Haidren Legacy Book 2)
House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy Book 1)House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy Book 1)
Tower Nights (Books 1-3)Tower Nights (Books 1-3)
Tower Nights (Books 1-3)
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Rise of the Fire Queen (Book 2)Rise of the Fire Queen (Book 2)
Stolen by the Shadow King (Book 1)Stolen by the Shadow King (Book 1)
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Enchanting the Elven MageEnchanting the Elven Mage
Enchanting the Elven Mage
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Beta RisingBeta Rising
Beta Rising
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Lured by the DuskLured by the Dusk
Lured by the Dusk
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