Stephanie BwaBwa

Stephanie BwaBwa

Stephanie BwaBwa is a Christian Fantasy Author, Universe Builder, and Creative Entrepreneur. 

She’s the creator of Elledelle, a universe filled with angels, adventure, romance, and light.  

With "A Series of Unfortunate Events" being her favorite series in 5th grade, it was only fate she became a gal that wakes up with a universe in her brain everyday. A plurilingual Canadian author of Haitian and Congolese descent, she’s a lifelong reader, turned writer, turned author, who is on a mission to fill your bookshelves with angelic wonder that will leave you in awe, and ever wanting. 

You can usually catch her going for a walk through a park, or simply binging anything creatively juicy with too many snacks. Get in contact with Stephanie directly at:

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The Court of Dreams and Stars (Exclusive Edition) The Court of Dreams and Stars (Exclusive Edition)
Bound by Watchers (Exclusive Edition) Bound by Watchers (Exclusive Edition)
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Seraphim Falling (Book 1) Seraphim Falling (Book 1)
Stephanie BwaBwaSeraphim Falling (Book 1)
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