Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)
Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)

Natalie Murray

Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)

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This New Adult omnibus edition of the award-winning Emmie and the Tudor King trilogy contains all three books in the series with added spice for mature audiences.

Emmie and the Tudor King was an award-winning finalist in the 14th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards and has received acclaim from Foreword Reviews, InD'tale Magazine, YA Books Central, authors Brigid Kemmerer and CJ Flood, and others.

One moment, Emmie is writing her final high school history paper; the next, she’s lost in 16th-century Tudor England, where she meets a dreamy but dangerous king destined for a dreadful fate.

Able to travel back to her own time but intensely drawn to the mesmeric young king and the mysterious death of his sister, Emmie finds herself solving the murder of a young princess and unraveling court secrets while trying to keep her head on her shoulders, literally.

With everything to lose, Emmie must come to face her biggest battle of all: How to cheat the path of history and keep her irresistible king, or lose him—and the greatest love she’s ever known—forever.

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Emmie and the Tudor King (Omnibus)

“His Majesty the King!” cried a voice.
Trumpets blasted from the minstrels’ gallery, bodies all around us spiraling into bows. Alice folded elegantly forward, her arms outstretched like a ballerina’s.
And then all the air escaped my body like a popped balloon.
The beautiful guy from the Tower of London stood in the archway, bounded by a sea of bending bodies. A line of guards behind him scanned the crowd like the secret service. His eyes found mine and locked me in his gaze, one of his brows lifting. Alice tugged my dress hard.
I dropped into a clumsy curtsy, my heart hammering. He was too young to be a king—too gorgeous. Kings were old and obese or had mean faces, like Nicholas the Ironheart. Mia would call this guy the King of Pants-Dropping Hotness.
When I stood back up, he was sauntering right to us, and Isobel was shuffling from one foot to another. The king walked with a confident elegance, all long legs and muscular shoulders. The Dowager
Countess of Warwick kissed his jeweled fingers as gentle chatter resumed around us. Every eye was on the king.
“I trust you have had a fine morning, my lady countess,” he said in that velvety voice that sucked strength from my legs.
“Delightful, Majesty, thank you. The lutenist performed a lovely tune in the south garden.” She smiled, exposing three black teeth.
The king tipped his head slightly in greeting. “Lady Isobel... Mistress Grey.” There couldn’t be a girl at court who wasn’t in love with him. His eyes moved to mine. “And this is?”
I felt the surprise overcome my face.
“Oh, this is Mistress Emmeline Grace,” the countess rasped. The way the king blinked at me blankly made me understand how quickly I’d been forgotten. “Doctor Martin Grace’s daughter, visiting from Hatfield,” she added. “I cannot say his work is familiar .”
“I was not aware you are an authority on physicians,” he said coolly.
“Certainly not.” She curtsied, blushing through her white face paint. “That is a gentleman’s position.”
A pair of men approached the king with feathered caps in their hands, but a bald-headed guard rebuffed them. The king never moved his eyes from mine.
“I trust you will enjoy my court, Mistress Grace. You are in fine and gracious company.”
My voice barely registered. “Thank you.” The king held his hand out to me in invitation. I dropped into a shallow bow until my thigh wound pinched and took his fingers, nervously pressing my lips to the back of his hand that smelled like a bouquet of roses. His warm fingers curled into mine, and something shifted in my chest, until a shock of cold metal brushed my bottom lip. My eyes flashed open, meeting the blue-diamond ring glistening from the king’s third finger. The room started to spin. When I let go of his hand and rose back up, his eyes held me steady, entrancing and curious.


Natalie Murray

Natalie Murray is the award-winning author of Emmie and the Tudor King (2021), Emmie and the Tudor Queen (2021), Emmie and the Tudor Throne (2022), and the Emmie and the Tudor King New Adult Special Edition Omnibus (2022) from Midnight Tide Publishing. The time-slip romance series follows an American high school graduate to a reimagined Tudor England, where she meets a doomed, but utterly dreamy, Tudor king who is destined for a dreadful fate. The series has received acclaim from Foreword Reviews, InD’Tale Magazine, YA Books Central, and popular authors Brigid Kemmerer (A Curse So Dark and Lonely) and CJ Flood (Infinite Sky), among others. Emmie and the Tudor King was an award-winning finalist in the 14th Annual National Indie® Excellence Awards in the New Adult Fiction category. You can visit Natalie at nataliemurrayauthor.com.